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Below are some of the most common questions we're asked about tanks, deliveries, fees and operations. Please click to see the answers. If you can't find answers to your questions, just contact us.

  • What is the difference between an EXCHANGE TANK and a SPARE TANK?

    An EXCHANGE TANK is the term we use when your give us your empty tank in exchange for a full one. The price for an EXCHANGE TANK is much lower, since we take your empty tank with us.

    A SPARE TANK is just that - a spare full tank that you purchase without exchanging an empty one for it. We have the lowest price for SPARE TANKS in the region. Just select the text link for the spare tanks on the ordering page.

  • What kind of tank connections do you support?

    Propane Taxi only sells Type 1 OPD tanks. We no longer carry Type 2 tanks.

  • Which connection type do I have?

    Propane Tank Connection Type

    A Type 1 valve is attached to a hose from your grill with a large plastic screw connection that must be completely tightened to engage the valve and operate properly. A Type 2 connection is a spring-loaded connection; a metal ring on the tank slides back to engage the hose and snaps back into place to ensure a tight connection.

    Note: Propane Taxi only sells Type 1 OPD tanks. We no longer carry Type 2 tanks.
  • How do you refill your tanks?

    We inspect all tanks and fill them to our exacting specifications.

  • What are your delivery days and times?

    We deliver 6 days a week. Most orders are completed before 5pm on a delivery day, however we do deliver from dawn to dusk. We start our days early to get you your tanks as early as we can. To avoid having a missed delivery, you must have your tanks out before 7 am on the day of the exchange.

  • Are SAME DAY DELIVERY and NEXT DAY DELIVERY available in my area?

    SAME DAY DELIVERY and NEXT DAY DELIVERY are available in many of our delivery areas. When you enter your zip code in our online ordering forms, our site gives you the delivery options available for your area. Please note that our cutoff for ordering is 8pm ET. If you order between 8pm and midnight, it will be considered as though you are ordering on the next day. For example, if you order at 9pm on Tuesday, your Next Day delivery will arrive on Thursday. Same Day delivery orders must be placed by 6am that day.

  • Why can't I see the SAME DAY DELIVERY option on your website?

    There are two possible reasons for not seeing a SAME DAY DELIVERY option on your screen.

    1. SAME DAY DELIVERY orders must be placed before 6am of that day. If you have placed your order later in the day, the option will not appear.
    2. We may not be able to accommodate SAME DAY DELIVERY or NEXT DAY DELIVERY for some zip codes and/or on certain days. We increase our services frequently, so check availability often.
  • Do I need to be home to receive a delivery?

    No, just give us instructions on where to access your empty tank to help the delivery technician make the exchange efficiently. We are unable to provide delivery time windows so it is important that you are able to leave the tank in a secure and accessible location for our driver to access (just like FedEx or UPS package deliveries).

  • Can I schedule a time to meet my delivery technician for the service?

    To be able to provide fast, low-cost service, we do not schedule appointments or delivery windows. Tanks must be left in an accessible place for our driver complete the delivery as efficiently as possible.

  • Can you deliver if my tank is not accessible from the outside of the house?

    Unfortunately, there are a few delivery situations we cannot accommodate, since our drivers are not allowed to enter a customer's home and we cannot leave a tank inside. We do offer several choices and suggestions for accessible places to leave your tank, and we hope that we can work this out with you.

  • I forgot to leave my tank out. What should I do?

    When tanks are not left out for exchange, we need to reschedule a second visit. To cover our costs we charge a $7.49 fee. In some cases, if you contact us before the delivery. We will reschedule your delivery to the next available date. We are unable to cancel orders once an initial delivery is attempted.

  • Why didn't the technician hook the tank up to my grill?

    If you'd like, we can disconnect and connect tanks for you. We do charge a fee, since it takes more time for the delivery technician and we must ensure that the connection is safe and secure. Just include this request with your order by selecting "Connection Service" when you add the tank to your shopping cart.

  • Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

    Because our orders are scheduled in advance for efficiency (to lower our costs and keep our prices low), last minute changes are costly. We charge for order cancellations made less than 24 hours before the delivery date.

  • Do you handle tank disposal?

    We do pick up and properly dispose of tanks for a small fee of just $9.99 per tank. Just login and place a pickup order, and we'll be on our way to removing that tank responsibly. NEVER put a tank out with your normal garbage. It is extremely dangerous.

  • The valve is open on the tank. Am I losing gas?

    OPD tank valves prevent gas from escaping unless the valve is engaged with the grill hose. Gas cannot escape from the tank, even if the valve is left open. However always make sure that the valve is in the off position when you're connecting the tank.

Propane Tank Safety

  1. Never leave a tank inside a vehicle
  2. Never attempt to fill the propane tank yourself - have your tank filled only by trained professionals
  3. Never attempt to repair your propane tank. Contact a propane dealer for repair or replacement needs.
  4. When transporting, always secure the tank in the upright position on the floor of the back seat. Never transport the tank in your front seat or trunk. Ensure the tank valve is closed and the valve opening is plugged or capped. Keep windows open to provide ventilation in case the tank your are transporting leaks.
  5. Store propane tanks outdoors, upright and off the ground on a base that will not burn.
  6. Don't store a spare tank too close to a grill or any other object that can expose it to very high temperatures
  7. Never store a propane tank indoors, including inside your garage and basement
  8. Do not smoke near your propane tank.
  9. Before lighting your grill, always check your tank for dents, rust or leaks.
  10. Never use a lighter or matches to check for gas leaks.
  11. If you detect a gas leak, contact your local fire department immediately.

Grill and Patio Heater Safety:

  1. Always turn the grill off at the gas source first, then the burners.
  2. Always follow the grill and patio heater manual's instructions
  3. Do not allow children to play near the grill, heater or propane tank.
  4. Always operate grill and patio heaters outdoors in well-ventilated areas.
  5. Use leak-detection solution, available at most propane retailers, to check all connections for tightness.
  6. Never grill in a garage, breezeway, carport, porch or under any surface that can burn.
  7. Keep the grill lid open when lighting.
  8. Check the grill hose regularly for cracks, brittleness and leaks.
  9. Cover disconnected hose-end fittings and burner air intakes with small plastic bags or fitting caps for protection when the grill is not in use.
  10. Make sure the grill is shut off and cooled before covering it.
  11. Safety tips supplied by Propane Taxi, LLC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Propane Gas Association and Propane Education & Research Council.